Communications Course

Communicating Effectively and Powerfully in the Written Form

Course Description: In the rigorous Bov Academy program, students of the frontend and fullstack engineering career paths not only learn programming, problem-solving, UI/UX development, and software engineering principles, but they also learn to communicate skillfully in the written form. In our course, Communicating Effectively and Powerfully in the Written Form, our students learn the crucial skills and secrets of effective and powerful written communication.

They learn to direct men’s and women’s feelings, satisfy readers’ desires, come out victorious in arguments and negotiations in the written form, write clear and refined prose, explain complex topics with clarity and comprehensibility, appear knowledgeable and well learned, communicate with confidence via email, persuade with precision, and grow their business through skillful and well articulated use of language.

You, too, can acquire all of these skills and virtues. You can do that by taking and completing our course, Communicating Effectively and Powerfully in the Written Form.
Richard Bovell, founder of Bov Academy and AI Humanity, wrote the course. For more on Richard’s writing pedigree, see the details below on his two books on writing and check out his recent blog post, How to Write Exceptional Blog Posts and How to Profit from Them.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 - The Fundamentals of Communicating Effectively
  • Chapter 2 - Bad Communication: Communication Mistakes Abound and They Can Devastate
  • Chapter 3 - Writing Effective Emails
  • Chapter 4 - How to Explain Complex Subjects in a Clear, Precise, and Refined Way
  • Chapter 5 - How to Write Exceptional Blog Posts and How to Profit from Them
  • Chapter 6 - The Art of Persuasion and Skillful Written Communication
  • Chapter 7 - Business Communication: Communicating Well for Profit and Competitive Advantage
  • Chapter 8 - Choosing the Right Words for Precision, Refinement, and Influence

Grammar & Writing for Creators Books

Two Grammar and Writing Books Packed With Exactly What You Need To Improve Your Writing

  • Grammar

    Grammar for Creators
    • Poor grammar can  undermine your credibility.
    • Learn all the elementary, intermediate, and advanced rules that matter.
    • You will understand the rules, make fewer errors, master the language, and communicate intelligently.
    Grammar for Creators(154 pages)
    • Chapter 1

      Important Fundamental Rules You Must Understand Well to Write Well

    • Chapter 2

      Intermediate and Advanced Rules We Must Know Well to Write With Confidence

    • Chapter 3

      Punctuation and Capitalization Rules

    • Chapter 4

      Common Elementary Grammatical Errors to Avoid

    • Chapter 5

      Common Intermediate and Advanced Errors to Avoid


  • Writing

    Write Better than You Ever Have
    • Learn the techniques the best writers have used for hundreds of years.
    • Discover new techniques you have never learned.
    • This book (unlike web apps and tiny grammar books) will help you write skillfully—clear, comprehensible, and refined.
    Write Better Than You Ever Have(157 pages)
    • Chapter 1

      Identify and Fix These Thirteen Weaknesses in Your Writing

    • Chapter 2

      Fourteen Techniques the Best Writers Use to Write Impressive Prose—Clear, Comprehensible, Refined, Eloquent

    • Chapter 3

      Fourteen More Powerful Writing Techniques to Help You Write Better Than You Ever Have


  • Grammar and Writing

    Grammar for Creators
    • Buy both books and save $10.
    • "If you write well, you're more persuasivemore understood, and more valuable."(Derek Sivers)
    • You will write better than you ever have, and your skills will last a lifetime.

Improve Quickly (in 2 Days)

Independent sections make up each chapter. You can improve quickly by reading just three chapters in 1-2 days. You will emerge an improved writer, writing more clear and comprehensible prose and making fewer errors.

Improve Significantly (in 4 Days)

Read three or four chapters in each book and you will emerge not just a confident and skillful writer, but also an effective and influential writer, writing better than you ever have. Guaranteed.

Unlike Typical Grammar and Writing Books

  • The two Grammar and Writing for Creators books don't merely rehash middle and high school basic grammar lessons as most popular tiny (under $10) grammar books on do.
  • Instead, these two books teach comprehensive techniques on how to write clear, comprehensible, and refined prose; the writing book even has a section on writing eloquently, a technique almost never taught in writing books.
  • The books teach dozens of new techniques, some of which you have never learned.
  • They teach new techniques to write impressive essays and articles.
  • The techniques outlined in Chapter 6 ("How Best to Move and Direct Men's and Women's Feelings"1) of the writing book can be used in any language.
  • You get two books in one: Get all the grammar and all the writing lessons you will ever need.

What You Will Learn in Both Books

  • All the elementary, intermediate, and advanced rules that matter most
  • How to avoid making the most common errors and mistakes
  • How to identify and fix the weaknesses in your writing
  • Nearly two dozen techniques and instructions on how to write skillfully
  • Specific techniques that skilled writers have used for hundreds of years to write clear, comprehensible, and refined prose
  • New techniques (inspired by Churchill, Voltaire, Dr. King, Bertrand Russell, and others) for writing compelling essays and articles—alternatives for the worn-out, five-paragraph essay
  • Techniques for how to move and direct men's and women's feelings, including a new powerful figure of speech similar to the metaphor

Also Get Vocabulary for Creators

This book will help you improve your vocabulary.

Vocabulary for Creators
  • It will help you choose apt, eloquent, and effective words.
  • It will help you choose refined and better replacements for overused words and phrases.
  • It will even help you understand the subtle and significant differences between frequently misused words.
  • And it will also teach you about the foreign words (those that often stump most of us) commonly used in English.
Derek Sivers: @sivers
Derek Sivers
Book: Anything You Want
You are a writer, even if you're not aWriter. You write emails, comments, documentations, presentations, or blog posts. If you write well, you're more persuasive, more understood, and more valuable.

This book is filled with inspiring snippets of bad writing and good writing. You'll recognize your mistakes in the bad examples, and won't make them again. You'll be inspired to go write more, just to test out your newly inspired skills. Alongside the examples, Richard has wonderful explanations, to really help hook these guidelines into your memory.
Carmelyne Thompson: @carmelyne
Carmelyne Thompson
Owner:Store Envy
I love this book! Chapters 1 & 4 refreshed a lot of the rules I've long forgotten. It's also not boring like most grammar books.
SachaGreif: @SachaGreif
Sacha Greif
Book:Discover Meteor
If I had to single out the thing that has most contributed to my success, it would probably be my writing skills.Grammar & Writing for Creators is a great way to become a better writer, and I would encourage anybody to put in the time and effort required. Believe me, it'll be worth it.
Ivan Savov: @minireference
Ivan Savov
The book is good! I had the computer read several sections to me and I must say I'm very impressed with what I heard. Though I'm not a grammar expert, I consider myself to be "advanced-level" in punctuation ... and I found [the] punctuation coverage to be bang on!

The general advice for writing---over several chapters---also feels like stuff I can identify with.
Rami Sayar: @ramisayar
Rami Sayar
Developer at Microsoft
I recommend any writer, engineer, creator to read Richard's book. Grammar and Writing for Creators answered my questions on correct adverb placement, the difference between Who and Whom and the bizarre rules behind punctuation for square brackets and dashes. If you not only want to write correctly but write well, you have to read Chapter 5 and Chapter 6. You will improve your writing style and your persuasion skills.

Definitely a worthy book to buy!
Parnell Springmeyer: @digitalmentat
Parnell Springmeyer
A great set of books. Thank you for producing this. I'm self-educated (a high school dropout) and this is the most approachable and complete book about Grammar that I've read. It has noticeably improved my command of English.

Download a Sample of Each Book

Grammar and Writing Books for Creators?

Creators write professional content often read by educated and highly-educated readers; content such as professional emails, essays, tutorials, blog posts, articles, academic papers, and books.

Though busy, creators must communicate effectively and write and sound not only educated but also refined, not only grammatical but also reputable, not only knowledgeable but also compelling. We must communicate effectively because poor grammar and weak writing could compromise our credibility, reputation, and even our businesses (especially start-ups).

Consequently, we have to write well. Some of us must improve or risk being viewed as semiliterate, dull, slovenly, or uncultivated. But we can’t improve our writing by reading just any grammar book, for most are too limiting, covering just the basics and skimming over essential topics; some others are too academic or demanding.

The two Grammar and Writing for Creators books fill the gap between too limiting and too complex.

(Buy both books and save $10)

Be Inspired

You already have the language instinct to use language effectively and the aptitude to write creatively. You have to learn only the grammatical rules that matter, the errors to avoid, and the grammatical constructions that will serve as your tools—the repertoire in your writing toolkit.

You will be inspired to write the best you ever have.